2017 Sep. 01
Great thanks to the entrepreneurs joined us in Tel Aviv last night and to our SGP fellows Pzartech, Mydimed, and Campus Tel Aviv...»
2017 Aug. 25
This afternoon, it was our pleasure to invite Mr. Ryotaro Nakayama, CEO, and Ruby Kim, Global Strategist, at CyberAgent Crowd...»
2017 Aug. 23
HUGE thanks to the entrepreneurs who joined us in Seoul this evening, and to our SGP fellows as well as partners: 디캠프 D.CAMP ...»
2017 Aug. 21
Congrats to SGP 2016 fellow ImmerVision! It just launched with Quanta Computer a 360-degree panorama camera Pi SOLO last...»
2017 Aug. 07
Join our networking event on Aug. 23rd @Seoul to discover opportunities in Asia! We are going to Seoul to announce Startup...»
2017 Aug. 03
Calling for startups who are exploring Partners, Investors, and Market in Asia! Garage+ is gearing up for Global Roadshow to...»
2017 Aug. 03
The Mentor in Residence in August was held this afternoon. Special thanks to JAmes Lin, the partner of IIH Assets Management,...»
2017 Jul. 27
Tonight, it was our pleasure to co-host the networking event with MIT Club of Taiwan. We invited MISTI (MIT International...»
2017 Jul. 24
The Mentor in Residence in July was held this afternoon. Special thanks to JD Chiou, the founder of Intumit, for providing...»