2016 Sep. 02
Garage+ will launch “Startup Global Program” this October for the entrepreneurs and startups who are interested in developing...»
2016 Aug. 29
Join our Networking Event on Sep. 7th @New York to discover opportunities in Asia!...»
2016 Jun. 14
獲頒 30 萬日圓獎金以及 2 年免費 31 VENTURES 共同工作空間,預祝精能醫學成功邁向全球市場! Asian Entrepreneurship Award 由日本財團法人未來設計中心(Future Design Center)...»
2016 Jun. 02
Garage+ and BusinessNext Meetup held the International Day to celebrate the big success of Startup Global Program! There were...»
2016 Jun. 02
Congratulations! Intraix has successfully entered the next round of the Pitch Contest, demonstrating the new IoT era applied on...»
2016 Jun. 02
This morning, the deputy minister from National Development Council, Dr. Kung Ming-Hsin, have kindly visited our exhibition,...»
2016 Jun. 02
People flood into our booth, “Startup in Formosa to Make a Difference” at the first moment when the exhibition opened! 5/31-6/...»
2016 Jun. 01
One booth from 10 countries with 16 kinds of innovation. What else to hesitate? Wait for you at "Startup in Formosa to Make a...»
2016 Jun. 01
Welcome Academicians of Academia Sinica and former director of MIT CSAIL, Prof. Victor Zue ,and Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT...»