2019 Dec. 13
After 220+ intensive 1-on-1 meetings and Open House exhibition within the past 10 days, the SGP fellows enjoyed a wonderful...»
2019 Dec. 11
SGP 2019 Snapshot - 1 on 1 Meetings with Business Partners and Investors More than 220 1-on-1 meetings have been reserved by 50...»
2019 Dec. 09
20 international and Taiwanese startups attended the CEO Round Table at Garage+ tonight! The entrepreneurs shared their...»
2019 Dec. 06
28 startups showcased their products and technologies at Open House this afternoon, striving proactively for business...»
2019 Dec. 04
Welcome aboard! The selected startups from the 9th batch of the Startup Global Program just landed earlier today. They will...»
2019 Nov. 21
The last Deloitte Day in 2019 was held in yesterday afternoon. Special thanks to Deloitte Taiwan for always supporting Garage+...»
2019 Nov. 11
We are inviting 13 startups from 9 countries to come to Taipei from Dec. 4 to Dec. 14. During the 10-day program, startups will...»
2019 Oct. 31
Garage+ held the launching event of the Asia Startup Express program this afternoon in Tokyo, and it's FULL HOUSE! Special...»
2019 Oct. 16
The Lee and Li Day of October was held this afternoon. Special thanks to our partner, Lee and Li Day, Attorneys-at-Law for...»