2021 Feb. 01
Garage+ held the first Mentor in Residence in 2021 this afternoon. Specially thanks to Thao Le, Principal of Magnaminous LLC,...»
2020 Jun. 12
#CEORoundtable Garage+ held the CEO Roundtable today. Special thanks to Nathan Chiu, Founder of FunP & Cacafly, for sharing...»
2020 May. 20
Garage+ held monthly Mentor in Residence today. Special thanks to Brian Yang, Cofounder and EVP of Strategic Investment, Cacafly...»
2020 Mar. 26
Garage+ held Mentor in Residence this afternoon. Special thanks to Rita Chao, General Manager of X Qianhai Fund, Hong Kong X-...»
2020 Feb. 26
We held the first Deloitte Day in 2020 this afternoon. Special thanks to Deloitte Taiwan for providing the consultation on the...»
2020 Feb. 03
Congratulations to Start Global Program 8th batch fellow ...»
2019 Dec. 13
After 220+ intensive 1-on-1 meetings and Open House exhibition within the past 10 days, the SGP fellows enjoyed a wonderful...»
2019 Dec. 11
SGP 2019 Snapshot - 1 on 1 Meetings with Business Partners and Investors More than 220 1-on-1 meetings have been reserved by 50...»