【Startup Global Program】Networking Event in Israel

Many thanks to our Israeli fellows Voyage 81, AbiliSense, Newsight Imaging and ShieldIoT for hosting a gathering at Azrieli Sarona Tower in Tel Aviv! They shared first-hand experiences of participating in Startup Global Program, and the tips on how to collaborate with Taiwan business partners.

“Israel and Taiwan have the common language in business to get to the Asia Market.” ---Boaz Arad, CTO, Voyage 81

“In the program, you'll get to meet the CTO/Decision Makers to save your time to do the business. This was definitely my best experience to join the Accelerators program.” ---Erez Lugashi, CEO&Founder, AbiliSense

“The team really helped and cared for us to set up the meetings that we are aiming to have. I never experienced so much care for your success.” ---Michael Cooper, Investor Relations Manager, Newsight Imaging

“This program is so good because it aligned exactly what we need.” ---Udi Solomon, CEO & Co-Founder, ShieldIoT


- Program: May 27 to Jun. 5
- Apply Now: twepoch.org/SGP19_29 (until Mar. 15)
- Program introduction: https://twepoch.org/SGP19_intro/FB
- Successful cases & questions to SGP fellows: twepoch.org/SGP19_30