2018 Apr. 13
The final list of Startup Global Program has been announced! The applications from 29 countries were impressively competitive!...»
2018 Mar. 29
Special thanks to Deloitte Taiwan for inviting Duncan Stewart (Director of Research, Deloitte Canada) to share the insight into...»
2018 Mar. 25
Tremendous thanks to SGP fellows, partners, mentors, and friends for your recommendations! We received 174 applications from 29...»
2018 Mar. 22
The Deloitte Day of March was held this afternoon. Special thanks to Deloitte Taiwan for providing the consultation on audit and...»
2018 Mar. 14
"We highly recommend SGP as we met so many tier 1 manufactures and VCs that would have been difficult to set up in such a short...»
2018 Mar. 13
"SGP helped schedule several highly productive meetings while we were in Taiwan. That trip opened our mind to the exciting...»
2018 Mar. 12
  "SGP proved immensely valuable to connect with the right suppliers and manufacturers, the best investment, and technology...»
2018 Mar. 09
  Join us on Mar. 12th in Beer Sheva to discover markets, partners, and investors in the Asia Pacific! ...»
2018 Mar. 09
With storm outside, the full-house showcase event at Boston New Technology last night provided great insight into how Startup...»