2019 Jul. 10
The Deloitte Day of July was held this afternoon. Special thanks to Deloitte Taiwan for providing the consultation on the...»
2019 Jun. 26
The Lee and Li Day of June was held this afternoon. Special thanks to Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law for providing the advice on...»
2019 Jun. 05
StartupGlobalProgram After 200+ intensive 1-on-1 meetings and COMPUTEX exhibition within the past 10 days, the SGP fellows...»
2019 Jun. 03
Tonight, 34 international and Taiwan entrepreneurs shared their experiences in business development from zero to one and early-...»
2019 Jun. 01
Welcome to the old district in Taipei! This morning, the Startup Global Program fellows joined the cultural tour, exploring the...»
2019 May. 30
Chiung Hua Chen, Deputy Director of NDC, Chia Chen Li, Senior Executive Officer of NDC,and Franz Chen, Founder and CEO of Franz...»
2019 May. 30
Full house again at the #InnovationForTomorrow! Come and seize the chance to find the “treasure” at M0430 tomorrow!...»
2019 May. 29
WOW! Garage+ Lounge was full of people! We are glad to meet lots of investors and buyers here! Wanna find the "treasure" in the...»