2014 Oct. 12
  Taipei, Taiwan – October 11, 2014 - Epoch Foundation, a renowned non-profit organization founded in 1991 by 20 leading...»
2014 Sep. 14
  Founded by Epoch Foundation, a renowned non-profit organization based in Taipei, Taiwan, Garage+ doesn’t just provide a space...»
2014 Aug. 22
  Garage+, founded by Epoch Foundation, is not only a space for incubation, but a unique startup eco-system supported by...»
2014 Apr. 16
Happy 2014!! Garage+ Startup Speedating was held on January 10th, and it rang up the curtain for this year’s new program. We...»
2013 Aug. 07
On August 3rd, Garage+ hosted a second session tailored to the needs of start-up companies, the “Financial Plan”. We invited...»
2013 Aug. 07
Thank you to everyone who attended the APP Sharing talk on 7/27! We were honored to have the co-founders of Call Saver, Hsiao-...»
2013 Aug. 07
Garage+ has invited the co-founders of Call Saver, Hsiao-Cheng Wei and Chao-Chi Chang, to share their experiences on creating...»
2013 Aug. 07
Garage+ Campus held the first start-up sharing on 5/17.We were honored to invite Chi-Heng Chang, the co-founder of GiMer Med. Co...»
2013 Apr. 24
Garage+ International serial events will begin tonight!Presented by the Scandinavian start-up hub -- Denmark!...»