2018 Mar. 09
  Join us on Mar. 12th in Beer Sheva to discover markets, partners, and investors in the Asia Pacific! ...»
2018 Mar. 09
With storm outside, the full-house showcase event at Boston New Technology last night provided great insight into how Startup...»
2018 Mar. 09
"SGP is a really nice program in terms of hospitality and profession. We got 1-on-1 meetings with industry experts and...»
2018 Mar. 08
"SGP is a great platform to speed up business development. Within the busy, exciting 10 days at SGP, we got contact with great...»
2018 Mar. 05
Discover markets, partners, and investors within 10 days in Taiwan! Since 2015, SGP has invited 76 startups to Taiwan. A third...»
2018 Mar. 02
SGP offers you accesses to real business opportunities and connections in Asia through strong industrial resources....»
2018 Feb. 26
Free booths of excellent location at 5-day Computex are reserved in the main hall, with 40+ international corporations, for...»
2018 Feb. 26
The Mentor in Residence in February was held this afternoon. Special thanks to Alpha Tsai, VP, Product Center & Automobile/...»
2018 Feb. 24
“Taiwan is significantly underrated. The environment is very productive to conclude business relationships, technology...»