2018 Nov. 16
Garage+ and CCIA held the Global Networking this afternoon, introducing the resources provided by Garage+ and CCIA to the...»
2018 Oct. 27
2018 Oct. 26
Garage+ invited 10 Taiwan startups to participate in the Innovation Leaders Summit in Tokyo from October 22 to 24 to connect...»
2018 Oct. 26
2018 Oct. 19
Full house again last night! MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT Industrial Liaison Program and Garage+ co-hosted this...»
2018 Oct. 06
The final list of the Startup Global Program has been announced! The applications from 42 countries were impressively...»
2018 Oct. 03
Garage+ held the Company Act Seminar this afternoon. Special thanks to Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law for giving the insight into...»
2018 Sep. 19
The Deloitte Day of September was held this afternoon. Special thanks to Deloitte Taiwan for providing the consultation on...»
2018 Sep. 17
Special thanks to SGP fellows, partners, mentors, and friends for your recommendations! We received 206 applications from 42...»