2017 Nov. 30
The Mentor in Residence in November was held this afternoon. Special thanks to Steve Ahn, Professor of KAIST University, for...»
2017 Nov. 29
The 21 startups visited Wistron today to take an in-depth look at the company's resources at Value Creation Center (VCC),...»
2017 Nov. 27
The 21 startups selected from more than 300 applications finally flew in from 10 countries and met one another here at Garage+...»
2017 Nov. 23
The Deloitte Day of November was held this afternoon....»
2017 Nov. 01
【Startup Global Program】Update for the coming batch! After the highly competitive reviews, 2 more applicants were just confirmed...»
2017 Oct. 24
This afternoon, it was our pleasure to invite Ms. Ching Chen and Mr....»
2017 Oct. 18
The Mentor in Residence in October was held this afternoon....»
2017 Oct. 14
The final list of Startup Global Program has been announced! The applications from 37 countries were impressively competitive!...»
2017 Sep. 28
Congrats to SGP fellow EMBR labs! EMBR labs has launched their product, EMBR Wave, on the Kickstarter, and has crossed 100%...»