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Charles Yen
 (Charles Yen)
Co-founder  (Co-founder)
AAMA Taipei cradle program  (AAMA Taipei cradle program)

Charles Yen  (Charles Yen)

AAMA Taipei cradle programCo-founder  (AAMA Taipei cradle program Co-founder)
Charles Yen is the co-founder of AAMA ( Asia American Multitechnology Association) Taipei cradle program, an non-profit organization established in 2012 . The AAMA cradle program supports the entrepreneurs at early and growth stages regarding Internet /technology, consumer services, culture & creative and social enterprise . The program helps the growth of entrepreneurs through mentorship and various learning program.

Charles has worked at global accounting & consulting firms in Taiwan, China and USA for more than 30 years. He also co-founded AAMA cradle plan in Beijing and shanghai. His expertise includes business model development and innovation, leadership development, growth strategy development and IPO.

He graduated from National Cheng-Kung university and received his master degree from National Cheng-Chi university. He is CPA both in Illinois, USA and Republic of Taiwan.