Ideabus Technology

Ideabus Technology

スマートLTPA(空き時間に体を動かす) トレーニングで健康状態と認知機能を維持し、認知症の発症を予防する、薬剤を使わない早期防止プログラム。



Smart LTPA Training Solution – The Drug-free & Early-prevention Solution to Manage Dementia Epidemic

IDEABUS TECHNOLOGY LLC is the worldwide first smart LTPA (Leisure-Time Physical Activity) cognitive training solution provider.
Our major member comes from IC design house. Smart LTPA is our first OBM product. Before, we had rich S/W ODM experience over 10 years. We had good skill of IoT related product. As we know dementia is very serious more than cancer from now to the future. Dementia is no special medicine can treatment right now. The Ministry of Health and Welfare suggestion the best two ways to compete with dementia. One is to use No-pharmacological treatment. Another is to use early preventive behavior. Our LTPA solution just had combined these best two ways.
We are engineers, we are always thinking and hope our products can to solve some problems and can to help someone. That’s a big encourage for us. We will keep and focus on development and create LTPA related product.