Garage+ organizes over 20 events annually, including themed courses, experience sharing and networking events for businesses, VCs, and entrepreneurs, and technical seminars given by MIT professors.
We have more than 90 international mentors who will guide startups one-on-one. These mentors include seasoned entrepreneurs, legal/accounting consultants, industry experts, and angel investors. They are here to help startups boost their growth and galvanize industry development.
Business Matching
Every year we host more than 400 one-on-one matchmaking meetings to connect over 30 enterprises and high-level VC decision-makers.
Garage+ provides the essential operation resources for growing startups. These include talent matchmaking events, talent recruiting platforms for collaboration exposure, incentive packages for cloud services, recommendations for government subsidies, and exclusive accounting, video making, digital advertisement, brand design, and trademark packages for Garage+ startups.
Starting from 2014, Chia Hsin Foundation and Wistron donated startup incubation spaces and offer a number of free seats exclusively for Garage+ teams.