Wise-integration Raises €15 Million in Series B Funding Round

🍾🍾Congratulations to Thierry Bouchet and all the team of Wise-Integration!

Wise-Integration (S21 Batch) has successed completion of its Series B round, securing €15 million in funding. It was led by imec.xpand, with the participation of Supernova Invest, BNP Paribas Développement, Région Sud Investissement (RSI), Creazur, Casra Capital, and Angels for Greentech.

Wise-Integration is a fabless IC company providing power GaN integrated circuit with digital control to increase the performance for their customers. This financial support will facilitate the launch of a new generation of WiseGan® Product specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with digital controls. This innovation aims to enhance the efficiency and performance of power systems across diverse sectors.