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Chung-Yi Ting
 (Chung-Yi Ting)
Founder  (Founder)
Aiox Company  (Aiox Company)

Chung-Yi Ting  (Chung-Yi Ting)

Aiox CompanyFounder  (Aiox Company Founder)
A highly internationally connected entrepreneur, Chung-Yi has been doing startup business since his early career.

He joined HP and is the first person in developing semiconductor test equipment business in Taiwan. After years of endeavor, he and his team made HP the market share leader in Taiwan. The business size grew from zero to 250M USD a year. During his 13-years service at HP/Agilent, he worked two years in Germany and was the country general manager of Taiwan.

His latest career was establishing LiteON Clean Energy, a daughter company of LiteON Group, doing electric vehicle charging equipments and Li-ion battery systems. In which he earned the largest market share in European EV charging equipment market and managed to deploy EV chargers to the US market.

Chung-Yi is now the founder of Aiox Company, a company specialized in IoT energy management with a vision of making the world better. The focus of the company is EV charging and building energy management with customers all over the world.

Chung-Yi earned a MSEE from Northeastern University, USA and an EMBA from National Taiwan University. He has been a mentor and referee of TiC100 for few years.