Blocks wearables is the world's first modular smartwatch, a platform for wrist-worn wearable technology sensors. They were invited to join the Startup Global Program in 2015. Afterwards, they...
Lucid VR, creator of the first 3D virtual reality consumer camera, joined Startup Global Program 2015. Their product, LucidCam, is a stereoscopic 3D camera which captures the world with its 180...
Thanks to the Garage+ Startup Global Program, ImmerVision was able to connect with Taiwan’s thriving industrial resources and promote itself in the Asian market. The company, from Montreal, has...

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Discover your partners, investors, and markets within 10 Days.

Flight ticket
10-day accommodation
3-month working space
Potential partners meet-up
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Taiwan is your best partner

Taiwan is your best partner to build global business
  • Most influential players in the global supply chain 
  • Outstanding R&D Capabilities with 47 multinational corporations setting up 65 innovations and R&D centers 
  • High-quality and committed engineers and researchers
  • Strong IP Protection
  • World-renowned expertise in doing international business
  • World’s 2nd safest city with low cost of living


We were looking for manufacturers and strategic partners and it was only through this program that we were able to be paired with them, talk face to face with them, know their needs and find out the synergies both sides, so I would certainly recommend Startup Global Program to every serious startup that wants to really get out of the building.

-Pouya Dianat, CTO of Nanograss Solar

The most interesting thing about the SGP program is that they have really well organized our trip. We find big value which helps us to effectively connect really quickly with people who can make decisions on the fly.

-Hani Sherry, CEO of TIHIVE TECH

In our meetings, we’ve been meeting with the exactly the right people, so the key stakeholders, C-level executives, VPs, product managers, who are able to make the decisions and move things forward pretty quickly.

-Vikrant Tomar, Founder & CTO of Fluent.ai

Taiwan’s manufacturing capabilities are very strong. Through this program we can be in touch with a lot of infrastructure partner, potential partner, is the key value from my point of view.

-Israel Koffman, EVP & Founder of RunEL

What’s gonna be very helpful for my company, as a hardware company, is building up a very strong supply chain. And you really don’t have these opportunities to meet with high-level CTOs and decision makers at these large companies.

-Leaf Jiang, CEO of NODAR

It’s been a fantastic program with many connections with Taiwan’s top Fortune 500 global companies as well as many many different VCs.

-Sonia Israel, Co-Founder of Aifred Health

The program could be enormously valued to any high-tech company, that wants to make partnerships with high-technology companies from Taiwan, whether be the partnerships or access to the Asian’s market.

-Nicholas Allott, CEO of NQM.AI

In Startup Global Program, everything is very professional and very into detail. I believe that with Garage+, the opportunities we can achieve actually more than we could dream of.

-Erez Lugashi, CEO & Founder of AbiliSense

We’ve had a number of very positive conversations, whether they lead to investments or business deals, we will see, but compared to many of the other programs we’ve been involved in, this has been excellent!

-Sanford Dickert, CEO of OWLR Technologies

I will certainly encourage other companies thinking about moving into the Asia market. This is the great program to be part of. You get the introduction of the senior levels to all of your potential customers and partners who intend to collaborate with your technology.

-Seamus Hatch, CMO of Invision AI

It has been really helpful for us to get contact to a lot of great companies, hospitals, and also connect to some other great global medtech startups from worldwide.

-Fabio Bambang Oetomo, Founder & CEO of Bambi Medical

The key benefit of program is actually the connections that you can make here. In terms of manufacturing R&D, they do have all the resources that you need and it can really be your lunchpad into Asia.

-Arjun Mali, Co-Founder of iMerciv

The whole experience was absolutely great! Garage + not only helped us with meetings, they also gave us a wonderful location where we could showcase the Quanta product and our technology during Computex 2016.

-Louis Brun, Marketing & communications director of ImmerVision

We had an amazing experience with SGP of Garage+. Taiwan manufacturers who can not only do manufacturing and supply chain, but also value-added design services and engineering. Besides, we got to pitch in front of investors on demo day and got many valuable connections there for fund-raising endeavors.

-David Cohen-Tanugi & Sam Shames, Co-Founders of EMBRlabs

SGP not only gives lots of opportunities to meet customers and users for our product, but also system integrators who we are searching for as a partner.

-Egbert Jaspers, Founder of ViNotion

Garage+ plays an invaluable role in Qnext's go-to-market in Taiwan, Asia, and globally. Participating in Garage+ far exceeded our expectations, surpassing prior incubator experiences that we had around the world, including Silicon Valley.

-Gaetan Jeannot, VP Technologies & PM of Qnext

The SGP was a great opportunity for myBrain, and Garage+ has been very helpful. The team  Is very efficient and dedicated, and they helped us discovering the Taiwanese ecosystem as well as potential partners in Taiwan. Great encounters and useful leads for the future.

-Thibaud Dumas, Co-Founder of myBrain Technologies

Garage+ is the best place for any startup to accelerate their global reach through exceptional mentors, partners and media exposure.

-Han Jin, Founder of LucidVR



Application & Quality

  • Growth-stage startups including AI & Big Data, IoT & Smart Device, Digital Health, AR & VR, Mobility, Green Tech, etc.
  • Full-time entrepreneurs
  • Product in market with early revenue
  • Funding stage: Seed - Series B
  • Exploring partners, investors, markets
  • Program detail: 
  • How to apply: The next batch will open for application in February 2020. And the 10-day program will take place in the end of May to early June, 2020. If you would like to be notified by the updated information of the program, please leave your contact information here: https://reurl.cc/nmk4X
  • A company slide deck including the management team, value proposition, product or service, marketing strategy, financial plan, and resources you are looking for in Taiwan/ Asia
  • A demo video/ pitch video/ product photos are strongly preferred for our evaluation
  • Flight tickets & accommodation for international teams only