【Startup Global Program】 Last Call

"SGP helped schedule several highly productive meetings while we were in Taiwan. That trip opened our mind to the exciting business opportunities in the region. As follow-ups, we’ve engaged a number of strong Taiwanese partners we met through SGP. And to build on this early traction, we’re setting up our first Asian branch office in Taipei! " -- Mark Chung, CEO of Verdigris, 2017 fellow from the US.  See More: https://lihi.cc/nUF4o
Via SGP’s strong resources, fellow startups will participate in:


 Excellent booth location at COMPUTEX, one of the world’s most renowned ICT trade shows with 40,000+ international buyers from 167 countries;


1-on-1 meetings with top-level decision makers from key players in the global supply chain;


 Site visits to explore partners in manufacturing, market development, and investment;


 Free round-trip flight tickets and accommodation for 2 persons
Qualification: Growth-stage startups in AI & Big Data, IoT & Smart Device, Digital Health, AR & VR, Robotics, Green Tech.


 Program: 5/31 - 6/13


 Apply: https://lihi.cc/nUF4o (until 3/16)


 Slides: http://bit.ly/2Epjs26


 Website: http://ww w.garageplus.asia/en/sgp