【Startup Global Program】Successful Cases & Fellow Endorsements

Startup in Taiwan:

Successful Cases:

Product FileFlex allows one to remotely access, share, stream and 
   manage 100% of the data from source locations without opening
   any new ports.
Partners with ASUSTOR , a subsidiary corporation of ASUSTeK
   Computer, the 4th - largest PC supplier in global.
Attended the Taipei COMPUTEX 2016 and obtained $7.2M order.
Received $1M private investment from Taiwan.

● A live immersive 360° imaging technology to mobile, IoT and virtual
   reality markets.
● Partners with Quanta Computer,a Fortune Global 500 Companyand
   the world’s largest ODM company of notebook PC and cloud systems
   with an extensive range of solutions for IoT, wearable, and other
   innovative products.
● Announced their product- Pi Solo on Makuake, the well-renowned
   crowdfunding platform in Japan.

● Offers solutions in the areas of optimization and design of sound and
   vibrations for product developers, construction, engineering and
   consultancy companies.
● Sets up Certified partnerships with acoustics companies in Taiwan.
   Also has over 10 customers (including Giant, Advantech, Compal,
   NTUST, etc) and 50+ leads in Taiwan.
● New customers in Japan and China via Taiwan.

Fellow Endorsements:

We think that Taiwan is an amazing bridge for any entrepreneurs in the world that want to go into mass production or small production with both very good quality.I think we have found something extremely interesting as an entrepreneur, technical, and businesswise.

——Jeremie Brabet-Adonajlo & Natanel Partouche, 
Co-Founders of Pzartech

We are surprised that Taiwan companies moves really fast and they are committed to help foreign start-ups with great technology and products in their offering. We see a big opportunity to flourish our business in the 10-day program and we also recommend others to participate.

——Chris Georgiev & Georgi Kadrev, 
Co-Founders of imagga

It was really a nice chance for us to meet with potential manufacturing companies and investors. Also, we could experience the culture difference between Taiwan and Europe, and explore the business and investment opportunities.

——Wojciech Radomski, 
CEO Of StethoMe™

This is a really nice program. We got 1-on-1 meeting with industry experts and manufacturers. They not only gave us advice on how to do business but helping us find the right market. I think Garage+ did a great job on selecting companies that would like to cooperate with start-ups, which is not easy to find.

————Philip Michaelides, 
Co-Founders of Senic

Questions to SGP Fellows:

If you still have questions about the program and prefer to ask attended startups. Please feel free to contact the following fellows. (To the fellows : Thank you for your generosity to share your experiences.)



Abhi Rampal
CEO, Solid State AI


Hauman Chow
Founder, PowerAreana
◆ hauman@powerarena.com

Linh Lee 
◆ linh@bonbouton.com


Boaz Arad 
Co-Founder & CTO,
Voyage 81

◆ Linkedin


Valer Pop
CEO, LifeSense Group
◆ Linkedin

Bruno Johnson
CEO, Cascoda
◆ Linkedin

Startup Global Program 12th Batch:

The 12th batch Startup Global Program is now open for application! Click to apply : https://twepoch.org/12_Apply_Web

Phoebe Tsai
Project Manager, Garage+
+886-2-2511-1215 ext.23

Terry Lin
Project Assistant, Garage+
+886-2-2511-1215 ext.21