2019 Oct. 15
Here are the finalists of the Startup Global Program(9th batch)! After a long discussion from the judge committee this morning...»
2019 Sep. 25
The Deloitte Day of September was held this afternoon. Special thanks to Deloitte Taiwan for providing the consultation on M...»
2019 Sep. 06
Congratulate Garage+ startup Lucid and RelaJet on being selected to join Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge! The startups...»
2019 Aug. 22
First time holding the Startup Global Program(SGP) event at "Google for Startups Campus" in Warsaw!!! Much appreciation to...»
2019 Aug. 16
Nice vibes in for the networking event of Startup Global Program(SGP) in HighTechXL on Aug.15th! Much appreciation to the 3 SGP...»
2019 Aug. 15
For startups aiming to explore partners, investors, and market ...»
2019 Aug. 14
The Lee and Li Day of August was held this afternoon. Special thanks to Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law for providing bits of...»
2019 Aug. 08
Discover markets, partners, and investors within 10 days in Taiwan!...»