Sunnyfounder is the first national green energy crowdfunding platform. With innovative and interesting methods, the platform would try to widen the popularity of green energy and invite everyone to become partner of sunny power plant.

Sunnyfounder breaks down the participating unit to the smallest, one single solar panel. People may purchase one or several solar panels to become partner of power plant and share the benefits together with other participants for 20 years.

People may also choose to donate, combining the effort of enterprises and the public to build solar PV system for the disadvantaged; the system would provide stable, predictable financial resources, meantime, sustain and amplify the donation that would last for 2 decades.

Sunnyfounder also encourage people to provide unused and suitable rooftops for the installation of solar PV system. By such action, the owners would not only receive percentage of feedback from the electricity sell profit, but also join other participants in green energy movement.

No matter people choose to invest, donate, or provide rooftops, they have become a part in the transition for an era of green energy, which would achieve the goal of environmental sustainability.