Willie Yang

Willie Yang

President, eLand Information


Willie is the president of eLand Information, which was founded in 1999, aiming to provide the search engine and semantic analysis tool for the industrial clients to process bulk data along with its added value.  Now over a thousand enterprises have adopted their products.

Willie specializes in knowledge management and search engine.  He personally not only has more than twenty patents in related fields but also owns a good knowledge of Internet marketing.  He started debugging in fifth grade, programming in high school, and became an overnight sensation in college by developing an entire online learning system and placement prediction system for entrance exam takers in the largest math learning institute in Taiwan. During this time, he founded eLand information, with Chinese information processing technology, serving many websites and companies across Asia.

Since his acquisition of Tornado Tech, Willie and his team has made Tornado a leading brand for search engine in Taiwan, and his products have been voted Taiwan's best knowledge management system and search engine.  Willie himself was even elected by Manager Today as one of the most valued managers of the year.  Furthermore, in 2012 he was awarded Taiwan Cloud Innovation Award by the government and The Star Entrepreneurs by Business Next, an influential business magazine in Taiwan.

Since Willie received his Ph.D. from Graduate Institute of Information Management in National Taiwan University, he has been hoping that he can pass on his entrepreneurial experience to those potential entrepreneurs on campus. To achieve this, in addition to running eLand Information, he also serves as Assistant Professor at Department of Business Administration, NTU and teaches "Big data and business analytics", "Digital marketing", and so on.

Over the past years in entrepreneurship,  "passion", "professionalism" and "integrity" are the virtues he has come to think are the most important.