Renee Wang

Renee Wang

Senior partner, PawVentures Group

Renee Wang is a senior partner at PawVentures Group. Started by UC Berkeley alumni, PawVentures Group is a venture capital firm that supports forward-looking and innovative technology companies. Our team welcomes new disruptive ideas in many domains but currently focused on the following areas: Internet of Things, Augmented reality and virtual reality, Big Data Analysis and related applications and Health cares and innovation for senior consumers. 

Prior to PawVentures, Renee worked at AU Optronics, a world leading TFT-LCD display company based in Taiwan, for over a decade, where she held various executive positions including general manager of Energy Storage Business Division, director of Strategic Planning Division, general manager of global customer service, and global sales & marketing director. While at AUO, Renee was involved in corporate venture investments for new business as future growth engine.  

Prior to returning back to Taiwan, Renee spent her early professional days in consumer electronics as group product managers at companies like Logitech and Fujitsu in Silicon Valley, USA. After getting her MBA degree from UC Berkeley, Renee spent time at stellar managing consulting firms such as PRTM, and NextGate group in Silicon Valley. 

Renee's education background includes: 
PhD in Economic (Finance major) from Xiamen University in China.
MBA from University of California, Berkeley, in the US
Master in Computer Design from University Of Iowa, in the US